5 Intentional Ways to Add More Zest to your Life

People often seek Calgary psychics as a way to find direction or purpose in their life. If you’re feeling bored by your surroundings and are wondering how to get yourself out of a rut, know that you’re not alone. Everyone goes through this phase at some point in their life. All you need to do is take some intentional steps to add more zest to your life! We’ve outlined 5 tips below:

Learn a New Skill

Have you always wanted to learn a new language or finally learn to make a good meal? There are plenty of useful skills to teach yourself with and often times, you can do it right from home. Invest in a language book and practice a little every night before bed! If needing help in the kitchen, call up Mom, Dad or a friend and ask them to join you for a cooking party in your kitchen (you provide the wine!). Whether you’re learning an additional skill for recreational purposes or something more useful like how to change a tire or how to build your own furniture, taking on new abilities is a great way to add more flair into your life.

Join a Club that Interests You

Joining a club is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people while putting your time into a hobby you’re passionate about. If you love to read, join a book club! Spend most of your time in the kitchen? Sign up for a cooking class! Obsessed with sports? Find a local beer league and join a hockey team! No matter what interests you, there’s something out there for you to be a part of. By joining a club or activity, it’ll give you something to look forward to throughout the week and hopefully provide you with plenty of happiness along the way.

Try a New Dish

Cooking the same meals every week can be boring and oftentimes, leads to spending unnecessary amounts of money on take-out. This can be combated by simply shaking up your kitchen game! Tip: try whipping up an ethnic dish like an easy butter chicken or a quick Thai sesame noodle recipe (both delicious). Making dinner doesn’t have to be difficult especially now when anything you could ever want is available on the internet. Plus, cooking makes for an excellent hang-out with a friend or a romantic date night.

Try it! You may be surprised by your resulting happiness from spending time in the kitchen.


Volunteering works excellent for improving your spiritual wellness and there’s plenty of different opportunities where committing your time can make a difference. For example, if you love kids or animals, find a volunteer organization that helps those areas in your community. Usually, you can reach out to the coordinator for that particular group who will tell you ways that you can help out. Knowing you made a difference is a sure fire way to not only help those in need but also to help you feel grateful for the positives in your own life.

Book a Vacation

Travel is a fantastic way to make the most of your life. The world is a massive place and it’s important to expand your horizons and check out the diversity of our beautiful earth. Make a “must see” list located anywhere in the world! Is it eating pasta in Italy or seeing the Great Wall of China? Is it exploring the Egyptian pyramids or the Beaches of Crete in Greece? Stop spending money on things you don’t need and instead start up a savings account! Making your travel dreams a reality doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes a little bit of dedication.

Zesting up your life takes serious commitment and dedication on your end. After all, you’re the only one with the ability to make change for yourself! If you need spiritual guidance or additional help on finding your purpose or direction, Jessica from the Power of 3 is the best psychic Calgary has to offer. Her services can help you to to live your most amazing life. For more information on Jessica’s services and what she can do to help you, give her a call today!

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