What to Do when Struggling to Find Direction

At one point or another, struggling to find direction happens to us all. If you’re located in Calgary, psychic readings are a great spiritual wellness tool in finding your motivation and on a bigger scale, figuring out your purpose in life.

There’s many benefits in seeking Calgary mediums but in addition, you must also look within yourself to figure out what it is you’re truly looking for. Below, we’ve outlined 4 everyday steps in ensuring you find a focused path and stick to it!

Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

Feeling stuck can be draining on our physical and emotional energy and is a common occurrence among many people. If you’re consistently waking up and dreading the day ahead of you, it may be time for a change. Try shifting your direction by expanding your interests and skill-sets. You won’t know what it is you’re “missing” if you don’t get out there and start trying new things! Here’s a list of activities to consider:

  • Book a vacation to a nearby town to see if perhaps you’ve outgrown the one you’re currently living in.
  • Take a community cooking class to see if networking and meeting new people will benefit your career and personal circle.
  • Start training for a marathon. Perhaps what you’re missing is something to focus on outside of work.

Listen to your Gut

Sometimes it’s easy to push away the little voice deep down inside of us for fear of what it might be trying to say. Here’s something to consider: try listening to it! There’s probably a good reason why your thoughts keep circling back to the same thing. Are you unhappy in a relationship but are choosing to stay because you’re afraid of what will happen next? Do you hate your job but are afraid you won’t find anything better? No matter what’s getting you down, listening to your gut may be the key to figuring out what it is you truly want out of life. You deserve happiness so start believing in yourself and what your inner voice is trying to tell you.

Embrace your Surroundings

We’re sure you’ve heard the term “the grass is always greener on the other side”. That’s a popular quote for a reason. With social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, it’s easier than ever to think that another lifestyle is better and brighter than ours. Remember, social media is simply a highlight of life’s best moments and everyone has their own challenges being faced behind the camera. If you have a life filled with happiness but simply want more because you feel another way could be better, remember life will never be perfect. So before you make any life-changing decisions, take a look at the bigger picture and try embracing your surroundings for what they are.

Build a Supportive Community

Building a supportive community is a great tool in finding our focus. If you’re surrounding yourself with the right ones, people have tendency for inspiring us to make necessary change. Confiding in a friend often helps us look deep inside of ourselves and assists us in understanding what we truly need or want out of our lives. If you feel you don’t have anyone nestled in your corner, it’s time to either start forming new friendships or begin reviving old ones. When you’re set in a routine, finding direction can be difficult.

Remember, you deserve happiness and are allowed to take the steps in order to make change. If you’re struggling, consider seeking coaching. Jessica from the Power of 3 will work with you to recognize and connect with your spirit guides who will be there offering you comfort and guidance for the rest of your life. Contact her today to start taking control and moving forward towards contentment.

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