As we shift into the New Year 2017 ~ GET IT TOGETHER!


I absolutely love the New Year!

Not because we all make silly resolutions we never follow through on but because it’s the perfect time to set some BIG GOALS and to get your crap together!

The gift of a New Year is that we CAN do ANYTHING we want!

I want to propose a question to you ~ What do YOU want to redesign in YOUR LIFE this New Year?

Know that in your heart and soul, the Universe is pushing you forward and cheering you on. There is a very specific reason as to why you are here. What do you FEEL in your heart? What brings you true happiness? What makes you feel alive and excited? What do YOU LOVE?

In the New Year 2017 remember that where you go and what you accomplish is 100% up to you.

Stop making excuses. Have faith and be proud in what YOU want and what you do!

Don’t allow others to push you into things you don’t want or to do things that don’t answer to your higher self.

This is a totally cliché question but it holds amazing energy and deep thought ~

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Now go and do that!

Put the wheels in motion. Ask for connections, help, direction. Seek a mentor, coach or personal cheerleader to always push you forward.

Enjoy the company of people who are already where you want to be! Don’t ALLOW others to bring you down or to be negative! Just say no to the negative people and negative environments in your life. Remember that negative attracts negative and positive always attracts positive.

If you KNEW everything will work out and failure wasn’t an option ~ What could you do!? Imagine~ Right! Well that is how I live my life. I answer to a higher purpose.

It’s not hard, it’s not a trick, it’s not a gimmick but rather a way to truly LIVE!

Answer to your higher self every second of every day. It keeps decisions and life very clear!

Ask yourself ~ How is this serving me? Is this serving my HIGHER SELF?

You now have the tools and some positive power motivation. So, you need to do the rest!

Never forget that if you need help I specialize in dealing with grief, finding your life’s purpose and giving you the tools to increase your energy!

***If it feels right, do it. If it doesn’t server your higher self, don’t do it! Pretty clear! ***

2017 is YOUR YEAR, so I ask you again ~ What are YOU going to do this year???

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