4 Ways to Feel More Positive Everyday

Through medium abilities, Jessica from the Power of 3 believes by providing Calgary spiritual wellness services, she can help you live your best life. And don’t we all want to be smiling more often than not? Ask yourself, do you want to be happy? Then it’s time to practice positivity! By taking little steps to look on the bright side, it’ll help you feel calmer, fulfilled and more balanced.

Try and consistently practice the below 4 tips to start feeling more positive everyday:

Shift Your Thinking

Do you wake up feeling frustrated by the day when it hasn’t even started yet? Are you constantly counting down the hours until you can go home to your bed? Are you easily agitated and irritable or find yourself feeling judgemental of others more often than not? Then maybe it’s time to shift your thinking. By waking up in the morning and telling yourself “I’m going to have a good day” and repeating it to yourself, feeling more productive and happy will be easier while going through your daily motions. When we tell ourselves something we don’t necessarily feel at the time (in this case, convincing ourselves to be more positive), we may find we subconsciously start living the way we’ve been telling ourselves to. Try it and see if it works for you!

Axe Negativity

Sometimes, cutting out negative activities or friendships can be extremely difficult. If you find yourself dreading regular events like a weekly book club, an involved volunteer group, or a sporting club, you may want to consider cutting ties. A lack of joy for activities you’re involved in can be detrimental on your mental health. Try making time exclusively for the things that provide you with happiness instead. Same thing goes for friendships. It may sound harsh, but attempting to maintain friendships that have run their course (you know the ones) will only result in negative feelings and emotions. If you don’t enjoy spending time with an individual, consider a friend break up. Your search for positivity will thank you later.

Write a List

Try making a daily, weekly, or monthly happy list! You can write about the little things that make you feel good like freshly washed linens, a hot bubble bath, or a latte from your favourite coffee shop. Or, you can make lists about the things you’re grateful for such as having healthy children, enough money for food and shelter, or the ability to travel. It doesn’t matter what your list consists of and there aren’t any rules about what needs to be on it. The only factor to consider when creating it is to keep positive and ensure you put points on it that make you feel good about where you’re at in life.

Practice Kindness

Giving a stranger or a friend a compliment can be a major contributor to your own personal happiness. Try telling someone that they kicked butt in their meeting or that their outfit looks nice. Practice giving others compliments daily and watch how quickly it can improve your mood. Usually by relaying a warm thought someone else’s way, you’ll receive a compliment in return which is a great way to boost your self-esteem. Instead of exhibiting judgement upon someone else, always practice kindness instead. If someone does something to annoy you or that you don’t agree with, shift your thinking towards kind thoughts. What do you admire about that person? This will help you feel more positive about not only your own life, but about others as well.

Improving your body, mind and spirit does wonders for leaving you feeling happy and positive about your surroundings. If you’re struggling with negativity, the above “happy” tips will help you feel more fulfilled in your everyday life. For a more powerful connection to improve your spiritual wellness, turn to Jessica from the Power of 3! Using psychic abilities, she’ll help to uplift your spirits starting with the only person who has the ability to make changes towards a more positive life: you! Ready to start listening to your body, mind and spirit and make huge changes? Contact her today to find out how she can help you using her spiritual services.

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